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The Visiting Nurse Association of Long Island, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to providing home health and community-based services which enhance quality of life for clients and their families.



A Historical Overview: Almost a Century of Service
It was five years before the First World War when the community minded residents of Nassau County formed the original home health organization in our region. The Roslyn Visiting Nurse Association was founded in 1912. The VNA of Great Neck came next, in 1913, followed by Glen Cove in 1914, Oyster Bay and Port Washington in 1916, Manhasset in 1918, and then the 'Five Towns' in 1919. These widespread efforts would soon become part of a bigger plan to address the increasing health needs of farm families and immigrant workers on what was then a mostly rural island.

As Long Island grew, so did the various Visiting Nurse services. The Great Depression hit in late 1929, and Visiting Nurses were there to assist the needy. At first, the focus of these organizations was on health education, infant welfare, and the overall improvement of basic hygiene. By 1939, however, the Nassau County Health Department had begun to assume responsibility for some of these functions, and Visiting Nurse organizations concentrated more on providing medically related home health care services.

The post-war years, from 1946 through 1965, were relatively good times for all, yet the need for Visiting Nurses continued to increase with what was to become known as the Baby Boom. The need for home health care and, perhaps even more urgently, the need for reliable health information also escalated. The very nature of Long Island, as a sprawling, multi-centered amalgamation of peoples of all ages and races, brought about the need for the Visiting Nurse Association of Long Island.

In 1966, the arrival of Medicare and Medicaid caused major health care changes. All the Visiting Nurse organizations in Nassau County became 'Certified' to provide services under Medicare. In 1967, Manhasset, Port Washington and Roslyn formed the Visiting Nurse Service of the North Shore. Great Neck joined in 1968. Later, Oyster Bay and Glen Cove merged as well. After several studies and mergers, a new agency emerged in 1973. All of these local Visiting Nurse organizations consolidated, and later became the Visiting Nurse Association of Long Island as it is known today. This name reflects our worthy past and encompasses our whole service area. This new central organization provided services as a Certified Home Health Agency. The final pieces included the creation of Meals On Wheels in 1975, and the creation of a Long Term Home Health Care Program in 1996.

The Visiting Nurse Association of Long Island can boast of a rich history, one that is fully in step with the vibrant life of Long Island and our many communities. After learning about our history, it is easy to understand why the VNA of LI, Inc. has become such a vital resource for Long Islanders. The past is testimony to the strength of our organization and the quality of our services today, and a promise of our continuing commitment to Long Island tomorrow and all the tomorrows to come.




Board Officers  

President: Edward Simmons
Vice President: Laurie A. Greenberg, CPA
Treasurer: Eugene Edelstein
Assistant Treasurer: Mark Heaney
Secretary: Lynne Hazel, RN
Assistant Secretary: Michael D. Pavone, Esq.


Board Members 

Gary Carpenter, CPA

Edward Doster

Robert Foster

William G. Germanakos

Mark Heaney

Norma J. Henriksen, RN

Jacqueline Hott, RNCS, PhD, FAAN

Anna Grace Oslansky

Roger Sherman, PhD

Ronald K. Tucker


Chief Executive Officer


Orael M. Keenan, RN, MSN


“The Visiting Nurse Association of Long Island has been leading the way in providing quality home health and community-based services to the people of our region for almost a century. During that time, we have consistently fulfilled our mission of enhancing the quality of life for our clients and their families. We are dedicated to not only delivering the highest quality care, but also to advocating for our clients to ensure that they always have access to the programs, services and technologies that are essential to their overall health and well being.”



Orael M. Keenan, RN, MSN 

Chief Executive Officer


Executive Staff  

Orael M. Keenan, RN,MSN, Chief Executive Officer

Delia Keane, CPA, Director of Finance

Gail Sussman, RN, MSN Director of Patient Services

Mary Coyle, Program Director, Meals On Wheels Program







Please click HERE to download our Annual Report in PDF format.